If you are seeking a metropolis teeming with skyscrapers, with streets humming with hustle-bustle and a gorgeous waterfront skyline, you are looking for Toronto.

This multicultural city of opportunity is popular all over the globe for its ethnic and cultural diversity, professional sports teams, and world-class universities.

Located north of the American border in the Canadian province of Ontario, Toronto is famous for housing many different races under its roof – you will find Greektown, Little Italy, Koreatown, and Little Portugal here!
It is also known for its harbour on Lake Ontario, which is among the five Great Lakes of North America.

Living Costs

Toronto is among Canada’s most expensive cities. While it offers many high-paying jobs, its costly expenditures make it a high-priced place to live in.

The average rents, which are usually the bulkiest of one’s expenses, are on the higher side here. Utilities are not generally included in the rent and these too are not economical. While the quality of public transport is better than most other cities, it doesn’t come cheap. Car ownership is pricey as the insurance premiums are among the steepest in Canada.

The cost of food is slightly higher here as are childcare expenses which count among the dearest in the country.
So, keeping all these expenses in mind, if you are thinking of starting and raising a family in Toronto, you should start getting your finances in order.


Toronto sees comfortable summers, which are about four months long – from June to September. July is the hottest month. Most tourists visit Toronto in the summer months. Winters last around three and a half months and are snowy and windy. The coldest month is January and it is usually freezing around that time.
The sky remains partly cloudy throughout the year here.

Public Transportation System

Public transportation is taken care of by the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). It runs three modes – bus, streetcar, and subway. These ply on an extensive network of routes all through the city and its suburbs.
For those in a rush, the subway is the best choice with two main lines – the Yellow Line and the Green Line. The subway connects the Toronto Pearson International Airport with the city.
If the subway doesn’t cut it for you, you can take the streetcars or the buses for which you would require a token or pass. You can enjoy unlimited rides on public transport of any type if you have a Day or Week Pass.
If you want to go to the Toronto Islands, you will have to take the ferry.

Pros and Cons

Toronto surely is a dream city but it does harbour several challenges in the form of pros and cons.
Taking up the pros first:

  • Food, heavenly food

Toronto is known for being a haven for foodies with the best names in the world of fine dining offering some of the best international cuisines. From mouth-watering Asian delights to delectable pasta dishes, there are just so many options that you will be spoiled for choice!

  • Start-Up Heaven

Toronto has a booming business and entrepreneurial economy. Many start-ups and established companies are setting up base here and offering thousands of new jobs.

  • Multi-Culture Mecca 

The very fact that more than 140 languages are spoken in this city points to its astonishing diversity in terms of people. As this is a place that welcomes people of all races and faiths, it sees an incredible variety in terms of nationalities. Home to over 230 nationalities, Toronto is a hospitable metropolitan for anyone and everyone.
Let’s talk about the cons now.

  • A Costly Affair

Toronto is definitely not an inexpensive city to live in. Not just the rental prices, almost everything is costlier here than in most other cities of Canada.

  • Jam-packed

Toronto is a crowded place to live in. With a huge resident and tourist population, it simply has a lot of people in it at almost all times. If you are fond of solitude and like empty roads, you may find the sheer number of people milling around a bit disturbing.

  • Weather weariness

Toronto’s summers are hot! And to add to the misery, the days are quite humid too. The winters, on the other hand, are chilly and snowy.
Look, even with all these negatives, this largest city in Canada is home to around six million people. It is an exciting place thrumming with gorgeous tourist attractions, a rocking cultural scene, and delicious food. If you are considering living in Toronto, our team of immigration consultants can help you do so with the utmost ease. Contact us today!


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