Located in the central portion of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon is a growing, friendly city. It spreads over a flattish area that dips into the South Saskatchewan River Valley.

Surrounded by farmland, this thriving city is truly beautiful. It has enticing walking trails along the river valley for people to walk and explore. Divided by the South Saskatchewan River, its east and west face are linked by many bridges. In fact, it is often referred to as the ‘Paris of the Prairies’ for its beautiful brass-colored bridges.

More and more visitors are thronging to this lively and friendly city, which is Saskatchewan’s largest city, for its enthralling assortment of cultural events and festivals.

This small city has a big-city feel to it. Here, you can visit its top attractions like the Remai Modern Museum, Wanuskewin Heritage Park, Western Development Museum, the Ukrainian Museum of Canada, and more.

Living Cost

If you want to save up while studying or working in Canada, Saskatoon is the right city to be in. That is because this city has one of the lowest living costs in the country, especially when compared to the other cities.

You pay less for rent, food, utilities, and even taxes here. Even the car insurance payments are low. Also, commuting costs are minimal. Its provincial taxes are lower than some other provinces and the sales tax is just five percent.
The closest guess of cost of living here is around $1500. This makes it 1.07 times less expensive than the Canadian average.


There are four seasons in Saskatoon.
Summer is warm, long, and comfortable. In fact, this place is one of Canada’s sunnier cities. However, dramatic rainstorms sometimes occur in this season and residents are accustomed to experiencing thunderstorms and high winds, and sometimes, tornadoes!

Winter is snowy and windy. As it is cloudy as well, it feels frigid reaching up to -30 Celsius in January.
Saskatoon gets very little precipitation.

Public Transportation System

For air travel, Saskatoon offers the John G. Diefenbaker International Airport.

If you prefer commuting via cabs to work and back, you can hail one from any of the several reliable cab services.
For local travel, Saskatoon Transit runs a fleet of diesel buses in and around Saskatoon. As of now, Saskatoon isn’t getting a subway. However, plans do show a bus rapid transit system in the pipeline.

Pros and Cons of living in Saskatoon

  • Cultural heritage

This city has certainly preserved its ancient culture. If you are mesmerized by ancient history, you will love its aboriginal sites and the stories about past indigenous groups.

  • Natural beauty

Nature is found in all forms here, right from mountain ranges and undulating hills to dunes and the surging prairies. Saskatoon has over a hundred thousand lakes and reservoirs. As most of its landscape is still unexplored, you can explore nature to your heart’s content.

  • Low cost of living 

The cost of living here, as compared to other major Canadian cities, is quite low. As are the taxes and the utilities. This makes this place an attractive destination for those who want to save up while they work and live here.

  • Weather 

Saskatoon does get the weather in its extreme forms – from summer to winter. It goes like this – three hot months, three mild weather months, and six bitterly cold months.

This alternation between hot and cold is simply because of it being landlocked with no water bodies nearby to temper the temperature.

  • High crime rate 

The crime rate is higher than usual here, especially in the rural areas where it is increasing every year. In fact, Saskatoon is known as the most dangerous city in the whole of Canada.

If you prefer a developing and welcoming city to live in, Saskatoon is the place to be. More and more people are moving to Saskatoon as it is a wonderful place to live, work, and even start and raise a family. We can help you move to this thrilling, vibrant city with ease and convenience. Contact us today and our team of experts will make the move a truly hassle-free experience for you.


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