The second-largest city of Canada, Montreal is believed to be one of the best cities to live in the world.
It is located in Quebec’s southernmost area. An extremely popular tourist destination, Montreal was established in the 17th century. Most residents speak French here.

Montreal is the hub of everything cultural and modern, offering all the latest mod-cons, amenities, and facilities to its residents. It is also known for its cultural and social events and easy way of life.

When here, you can check out its major attractions and points of interest like Vieux-Montréal, Saint Joseph’s Oratory, Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Montreal City Hall, the Montreal Botanical Garden, The Place des Arts, the Montréal Museum of Archaeology and History, Notre-Dame Basilica, Musee d’art contemporain de Montreal, and more.

Its main airport, Montréal–Trudeau International Airport, is situated 12 miles from downtown Montreal.

Living Cost

If you are wondering how much it would currently cost to live in Quebec’s largest city, you will be glad to know it’s still much less than what it would in cities like Vancouver or Toronto.

The average rental price here is around $800 cheaper than in Toronto. While phone plans aren’t cheap all over Canada, they are definitely cheaper in Quebec. As mentioned, transportation is efficient and you can plan your commute – public, cab, or bike – as per your convenience and budget.


Montreal has a humid continental climate. Usually, the summer is warm and humid here. Heatwaves have been experienced here in recent years. The winter is long, windy, and sometimes even icy. It generally starts mid-November and ends in March, which may at times stretch to April too.

Residents, and tourists, love to indulge in outdoor recreational activities like sleighing, skiing, etc. When it snows as the temperatures are milder then.

Public transportation system

Montreal has a very easy and efficient transportation system. There is a local network, called Société de transport de Montréal or STM, of buses and trains, which can take you wherever you want within the city. STM is great for students as they have to pay a lower monthly fee for commuting.

With its many bike lanes, you can bike any place you need to as well. And if you’d like to share a bike, you can try BIXI out – which is a bike-sharing system!

You can also take a cab if you are in a hurry. These are quite safe and affordable.

Pros and Cons of living in Montreal

As is the case almost everywhere, this city too has its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s check out the pros first.


Lower Rents

Whether you’re here for study or work, you’ll find this place quite affordable in terms of apartment rents.

Commercial leases are lower too. However, you will have to think a bit before you decide to buy a house. These don’t come cheap but are still less expensive than in Toronto and Calgary.


Montreal is home to many, many events and festivals. The Montreal International Jazz Festival, the Fantasia Film Festival, the Just for Laughs comedy festival, the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival… all these and more make Quebec’s Metropolis a lively and awesome place to be in.

Public transport

The cost of a monthly transit pass is much cheaper here than in Toronto. The metro serves most of the city and it is efficient. Also, this bike-friendly place allows you to bike almost everywhere.



While rents are cheaper here, Montreal’s taxes are among the highest in the country. Not just income tax, sales tax is high too.


It is very hard to get a job here unless you can speak both English and French. Not just that, it can be quite isolating to people if they speak just one language. This makes it a bit for newcomers to the city.

Bitter winters

Montreal is known for its cruel winters with wind chills leading to temperatures falling below -30 Celsius. So, people in ‘The City of Saints’ stay huddled by the fireplace in the winter, from December to March, making it a sleepy city during this time.

All said and done, Montreal is a dream city, especially for the young. Even if you are not young any longer, you will still love the excellent nightlife culture here and the awesome blend of the old and the new.

We would love to help you enjoy a brand new life in Montreal. You can contact us for assistance with information, application of forms, documentation, and more. Call us today!


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