Social Media Presence

Social Media Presence

Social media is not just for chatting with your friends and uploading pictures from your last vacation. If you use it as a professional tool, it can reward you by expanding your network effectively.

Having a polished account on your social media can benefit you with a variety of things:

  • Expanding your connections or finding work
  • Showing your personality to your Canadian employers
  • Showcasing your wide palate of artistic, creative, or social work

Several employers in Canada conduct a background check on their prospective workers by searching about them online. You can avoid an awkward situation by optimizing your social media presence.

Getting Started with your Account

From blog websites to online forums, the entire world wide web is overflowing with various social media websites. A single post can travel halfway across the globe and land on any phone screen. Hence, you must choose the right media tool to optimize your presence- depending on your comfort and technological skills.

  • Add links to your social media account that provide information about your work. It includes any volunteering, social, or creative work.
  • Connect with online groups and follow professional pages that post job listings and available internships.
  • If you create a personal social media account, keep it limited and separate from your professional one. To cleanse your account, you should delete any inappropriate pictures and transfer them to your personal account.
    Many social media platforms comprise the option of reviewing your settings. You can change the settings to ‘private’ there.
  • Pay attention to the quality of your connections or followers on whatever platform you choose. Do not accept requests of strangers or shared groups simply for the sake of expanding your online network.
  • A great way of checking your internet identity is by conducting your own audit. Search your name on the internet and see what comes up. To avoid your personal history from meddling here, use someone else’s phone to check this. You can also activate the incognito mode to search your name.
  • The information on your social media accounts must not have any discrepancy. They should have the same details as listed on your resume.
  • It is also other people who manage your reputation on social media. Maybe an old high-school friend posts an embarrassing picture of you on your birthday. It will not be the ideal content to show your Canadian employers. Therefore, you must keep an eye on what your friends and family post about you.

Growing your Network


  • Ask yourself about the kind of professional you are. Among all the aspects of your job, which ones are the most important to you? Which duties make you feel the most competent? Once you know the answer to this question, it is easy to streamline what shows up on your account. You can follow similar people and explore more job opportunities suited to you. For instance, you may like to find NGOs available in Canada in case you are interested in social work.


  • Try to gauge your workspace. Will it welcome posts that talk about your hobbies, interests, etc.? In more friendly workspaces, people also like to see other dimensions of your personality. There are plenty of such companies in Canada.


  • Follow hashtags. Hashtags alert you about any job openings and other information about workplaces. If you have an eye on a particular company, check if they upload information on social media with a hashtag (like ‘jobs in Canada’ or ‘career’). If you follow them, you will be among the first to know about any information about the work you are interested in.


  • Network, network, network. Social media is an integral tool for this. Referrals make up a large section of employees. Use this opportunity to the fullest.

Personalizing your Account


  • Your Profile Picture:

    Ensure that your profile picture radiates professional energy. Your face should be completely visible.

  • Experience and Summary:

    You should highlight your previous work experience, projects, and volunteer jobs. Describe them in an interesting way.

  • Contact Details:

    Interested employers may email you about an opportunity. Ensure that your contact details are up-to-date.

With little effort, you can amp up your brand easily. At Dev Immigration Services Inc, we take care of your social media presence and do wonders for your professional life in Canada. Contact us!


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