Jobs In Demand

Jobs In Demand

The minute the thought of moving to Canada enters your mind, you would start wondering about getting a job. And that thought might lead you to thinking about which jobs would be in high demand there.

The pandemic turned the world over its head and it wouldn’t be an overstatement that Canada’s job arena is quite different from what it was pre-Covid. It is expected that immigrants will contribute significantly to Canada’s economic recovery, which translates into more job opportunities for them.

There is a growing need for workers in sectors like:

  • Retail
  • Warehousing
  • Customer service
  • Information Technology
  • Ecommerce
  • Healthcare
  • In the Tech industry, a boom is being seen in careers like:
  • Developer
  • Software engineer
  • Database analyst
  • Quality assurance analyst
  • IT project manager
  • IT business analyst
  • Security analyst
  • Security architect
  • Business system analyst
  • Network engineer

You must know that a work permit is vital before you work in Canada. You have to apply for one if you land a job with a Canadian employer but are not a permanent Canadian resident.

These work permits are of two types:

Open work permit: This is a non-job-specific permit which allows you to work with an employer in Canada. With this in hand, you would not require Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA)/offer letter from the employer who has paid the compliance fee. However, you cannot work for companies that do not comply with labor requirements.

Employer-specific work permit: this allows you to work with a specific employer only.

Let us look at some in-demand jobs now.

1. Customer Service Representatives

This job tops the list as of now. With so many companies going virtual, more and more people are required to attend to queries and calls. Many of these openings are remotely situated, which allows you to work from anywhere.

2. Essential Retail Staff

Canada’s retail stores are seeing a major staff shortage. There are long queues and wait times as the present staff is struggling to keep up with the incoming traffic.

3. Delivery Drivers

There is a strong surge in the demand for delivery staff. Covid led to lots of people placing orders for stuff online and that has meant a rise in the need for drivers for food delivery, last-minute delivery, etc.

4. Security Analysts and Architects

There is a massive need for security specialists as more and more people are online now, whether it is for banking, entertainment, or work. Cyber-security is seeing a shortage of people and the doors are opening wide for skilled professionals in this field.

5. IT Support Staff

With almost all companies having to work online, a yawning need has opened up for IT support professionals. While many of the related chores can be managed remotely, some of these roles requirein-person help.

6. Human Resources professionals

With so many jobs becoming online, more and more HR personnel are needed by companies to manage remote work policies. Not only do they take care of recruitment, but they also help in drafting health and safety policies for employees.

7. Healthcare staff

The raging and rampaging pandemic led to almost all healthcare services, like hospitals, clinics, care homes, etc. gasping for support staff. There is an acute shortage of staff like registered nurses and it doesn’t appear as if this need will be going away soon.

8. Accountants

The pandemic presented a lot of financial challenges to businesses. These can only be met by skilled accountants who can help companies to reduce costs, manage finances, and enhance revenue. This means there is a robust demand for these professionals in Canada right now.

Apart from these, there is also a demand for maintenance staff, electrical engineers, and software developers. If you would like to try and get a job in Canada, you can speak with us for details and help. Our experts are just a call away!


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