Finding a Job in Canada

Finding a Job in Canada

Are you ready to call Canada home? Before anything else, you must be thinking of finding a suitable job to sustain yourself. As you are, in all probability, completely new to the area, getting the right kind of work, one that is best-suited to your passion and experience, may appear a bit different than the usual.

The all-important resume

It is vital to know which type of resume is the norm in Canada before you send one out. Poorly-written ones wont be considered and you may derail your career in Canada even before you reach its shores.

Put in some research and draft an appropriate one, following all set formatting guidelines. Most employers read work highlights over perusal of lists of jobs done. If possible, tailor your resume for each opportunity than sending the same one to every listing.

Remember, your resume is your first impression – make it carefully.

Selection is the key

You wouldn’t want to blindly keep sending out your resume to all and sundry companies. Be selective and apply only to the ones where you really want to work. You should ideally target opportunities that best fit your work experience. While it may take you longer to find a superb opportunity, you shall find it fruitful in terms of landing a job that truly excites you.

Ensure that you add a cover letter customised according to the company with each application as that adds weight to your application.


With solid references backing you up, you will find it easier to land the job of your dreams in Canada. Ask your past employers for letters of recommendation. Seek help from friends and family members with connections to potential Canadian employers. This will get your resume in front of the right person, which may help in moving the application forward.

Social Media

You should utilise all possible tools available to boost your online presence. Create an account on a professional site like LinkedIn and post your resume and achievements for people to peruse. This site is used by recruiters and employers every day to look for suitable candidates.


It is vital to create a network of useful contacts both in the social and professional realms. This will help you put the word out that you are looking for a job in front of the right people. You might gain useful links and advice through this crucial network.

Volunteer work

Many foreign employers prefer candidates with a background comprising social responsibility volunteer work as this shows they care for society and are interested in giving back. You can boost your resume by adding any volunteer work and social projects that you have done. Also, in case you dont have this type of experience, try and get some as it is highly regarded in Canada.


It is important to get all your certificates and work experience documents certified for Canada. This ensures that these are equivalent to Canadian education and experience. Also, Canada accepts documents in English or French language. In case your documents are in another language, you will have to get them translated before submission.

Get ready for the interview

It is a good idea to prepare for an interview or meeting during the process of job search itself. You wouldnt want to be caught unawares in the meeting at any time. So, prepare accordingly. And, keep a set of business formals ready.


Getting a good job is not an easy task. It may take some time to secure a good position and at times you may feel despondent. However, patience and perseverance are key to landing that dream job. If Canada is where you really want to be, you can spend the waiting time to polish your skills further and learn about Canadian life and culture.

Canada is a warm and welcoming country. Many foreign workers get jobs even before they arrive here. All you need is focus and motivation and you will taste job success very soon. We are ready to help you find and land the best-suited job in Canada. Our team of expert professionals will help you get that coveted position without facing any hassles. Contact us today!



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