Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone

As ones needs are different from the other’s, there is no single phone plan that will meet everyones needs. If you are looking to buy a phone plan, you will have to do some research to find the best fit for your needs in Canada.

The Big Three

Canada is infamous for its expensive phone plans. And these are offered by three leading providers – Bell, Rogers, and Telus.

While there are smaller players too, these are owned by these three big names. Named flanker brands, these are targeted at the younger crowds.

The Big Three provide phone, internet, and television services too, while the flanker brands just offer phone services.
All three provide similar services at similar prices.


These three offer mobile plans with unlimited data. What this means is the customer gets high-speed data with a set limit. Once that limit is reached, data is still available but the speed is reduced to a slower rate.


All three also offer options for purchasing multiple phone lines and sharing data across multiple lines. These family plans are perfect for those who have a family with huge data needs.

Questions to ask

Before you go ahead with buying a mobile phone plan, make sure to get the following questions answered by the provider.

  1. In case my data use is exceeded in a month, will I be charged for the extra usage? Also, will I be sent a notification text regarding the same before this limit is exceeded?
  2. What are the charges for terminating a contract?
  3. Are Caller Id and Voicemail included in my plan?
  4. Is my phone on the LTE network?
  5. Are Roaming charges a part of my plan?
  6. I live in a rural area – does your network cover that area?
  7. Are there extra charges if I call outside the local area?
  8. Will I have to pay more if I use the phone in another city?

Provincial Competitors

In case you live in the following places, here is some information on the providers there.


You can enjoy the services of Videotron here, which is a privately owned telecoms carrier. However, it has limited wireless coverage.


You will get the government-owned SaskTel network here, with some of the best prices in Canada.

Ontario, Alberta, & British Columbia:

In all the major cities, you will get plans from Freedom Mobile. It offers competitive rates and exclusive deals that help users to access data on the subway.

Hope this information helps you to plug into your Canadian life easily!


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