Internet Plan

Internet Plan

Having an internet plan is imperative nowadays if you want to survive online in todays world.

Many different internet packages are offered by Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in Canada.

Canada is huge in size – length and breadth. Operating and maintaining an internet network, especially in remote locations, costs a pretty penny, and thus residential packages do not come cheap. In fact, they are more expensive than the rates in many other countries around the globe as the maintenance cost is spread to users.

Leading internet service providers

The big names in this field are:

  • Bell;
  • Rogers

These two operate in Ontario.

  • Shaw
  • Telus

These two compete in western provinces.

Yet another name is Novus, but their services are available in select locations like some apartments in Vancouver.

The last name on this list is TekSavvy. This provider depends largely on its competitor’s infrastructure.

Getting a good deal

So, how do you get the best deal?

Keep the following factors in mind:

  • Download and upload speeds
  • Cost
  • Data Caps

Ask the provider for details and tell them how you use the internet. Based on this, they shall offer the best-suited package to you.

In case you are moving to an apartment, find out about the ISPs already operating there. There might be special deals or internet service already included in the tenant agreement.

Some other factors

Check if the company you have shortlisted has good tech support. Lets say you live in a place with lots of WiFi networks. These can interfere with each other and create trouble. You might require help and so you should try and select a service whose providers are available to help. Also, ask if this help is free or will a charge be levied every time.

In some areas, there are network problems at certain times of the day. For example, many users download stuff in the evening. You may get frustrated and want to change the service. Ask the provider about refund or transfer charges.

Dont be shy about asking for extras. While you may be informed of these when you are enquiring about the service, you can still ask if there are any goodies you can get at the cost.

Mobile internet

If you live in an area without wired internet, you can check for network services that deliver WiFi to the home via a mobile phone. Bell and Rogers offer these services, but they cost more than normal home packages and have lower data use caps too.


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