Home Phone

Home Phone

In Canada, the local phone market has become quite competitive in recent times. With new entrants in the fray, there is a glut of services and products available for punters at competitive rates and this means benefits galore for the consumer.

Local Services

With local phone service, you can make calls in your local area. For this, usually, you pay a monthly fee for unlimited calling. You don’t have to pay long-distance charges for this service.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) issued the following rules for the benefit of the users.

  • The user can transfer to any local phone service company they prefer.
  • The user can keep the same phone number post transfer if they are in the same exchange and their number isnt suspended or disconnected.
  • The user can, in most instances, change to a new phone company without seeing any change in your internet, wireless, or long-distance services.

To ensure ease for the user in terms of switching to another service provider, the CRTC prohibits providers from asking customers for a 30-day cancellation notice.

The minute your cancellation notice is received, the provider has to cancel your wireless, home telephone, and internet services.

Questions to Ask

Before you decide on a provider of local phone services, ask the following questions.

  • What are the charges and what all are included in them?
  • Will the call features be charged extra? For call waiting, voice mail, etc.?
  • How are these charges to be paid – one-time, up-front, or yearly?
  • If I want, can I make changes to the offered plan?
  • How long will a transfer of service take?

Transfer to another company

For this, you just need to call the service provider of your choice. Everything is handled at their end, and you will be informed when the transfer is complete.

In case there are any services of the old provider you do not require, such as wireless, television, internet, etc., just inform the new provider of the same.

Going Back

You can switch back to your old provider if you are unhappy with the new one. Just contact the old provider and let them know of your decision. They will handle everything. However, you may still be in contract with the current provider. You will have to check that aspect before you take a call on this one.

More than 99 percent of Canadian households have telephone services. While the world is going mobile, this reliable old-fashioned method is still considered the most reliable of the lot to communicate with others, especially in areas with poor weather conditions.


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