The Cost of Living in Canada

The Cost of Living in Canada

Canada is one of the most popular destinations in the world for immigrants. The wide choice of immigration pathways, cultural diversity, employment opportunities, world-class universities, and healthcare are only a few attributes that inspire more and more foreigners to immigrate and settle in Canada.

Before we dive deeper into the minute details of living expenses in Canada, let us understand that the average salaries have grown across all provinces and territories in Canada for the last decade. You will find that the income levels are the highest in economically h3 cities. We can conclude that there is a direct correlation between the cost of living and average monthly income in Canada.

Factors that influence the average cost of living

The high tax rates in Canada are justifiable because the government provides several services to citizens. Education is free for all children up to the age of 18 years in Canada. The Canadian government supports a range of basic healthcare needs of citizens. Newcomers need to take care of the following expenses:

  • Rent
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Tax
  • Insurance
  • Clothing
  • Utilities

Food expenses are slightly higher in Canada than in the U.S. because of the transportation costs and imports during the cold months. The transportation costs are primarily because Canada is a fairly large country. The logistic costs cause a rise in the prices of common food items.

The cost of living in Canada depends on family size, occupation, and location. The average cost of living in Canada per month can be in the range of 1000 to CAD to 6,000 CAD. Following are the most expensive provinces in Canada:

  • Alberta
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia

Provinces that depend on agriculture are smaller in size. These offer cheaper living expenditures to encourage economic development in these territories.

The average cost of living in Canada

You will need 4000 CAD to cover monthly expenses for a family of four. The higher cost of living in Canada is partly because of higher tax rates. However, immigrants can easily afford to live in Canada because of their higher average monthly income than most first-world countries.

Average Living Expenditure in Canada

Expense category

Monthly cost

Rent (City) 1,326.79 CAD
Rent (Outside of City) 1,116.62 CAD
Food $1,158 CAD
Transportation (Public – one-way) 3.25 CAD
Transportation (Public – monthly) 91 CAD
Gasoline (1L) 1.12 CAD
Utilities (Electricity, cooling, water, heating, garbage) 164.64 CAD
Utilities (Internet/ Cable) 78.82 CAD
Sports & Leisure (Fitness club) 50.99 CAD
Childcare (Private pre-school) 990.48 CAD
Childcare (Primary school – monthly) 1179.50 AD

Salaries in Canada

Average salaries in Canada are continuing to grow over the years. You can expect a decent annual income in the range of 42,000 CAD to 59,000 CAD to lead a fairly good life. Most entry-level job positions offer around 32,000 CAD as yearly income. An experienced worker can aim for much more. Some of the most experienced professionals can easily cross the salary bracket of 100000 CAD.

The cost of living in Canada is significantly higher than in most countries. However, it is much lower than the most popular destinations like the U.S. and Australia. Make proper planning to secure a job that puts you in the range of a good salary to afford a comfortable living in Canada.

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