Life Events

Life Events

Canada is fast becoming the most popular immigration destination in the world. Most aspiring immigrants choose Canada for a better life. Reputable immigration experts can help you explore a large gamut of immigration pathways.

Canada offers rich culture and enriching life to immigrants besides an array of career advancement opportunities. As a newcomer, you need to learn about different aspects of life events in Canada to facilitate a smooth transition to Canadian life.


Marriage is a milestone event in life, and one must consider several things to plan a wedding and a reception. Planning a wedding at a popular destination will require reserving the venue several months in advance. There are several online resources for tips and recommendations to plan a wedding in Canada.

Generally, you will need to provide a Record of Immigration Landing, a passport, and a photo identification that establishes your age and legal name. However, you should check with the local municipal office to know the list of documents to apply for a marriage license.

Following are some important formalities to consider:

  • Marriage license – You will need a marriage license to get married in Canada. Apply for a marriage license in a municipal office or a city hall three months before the date of marriage. The validity of the marriage license is for 90 days. Hand over the marriage license is to the officiant who will be performing the marriage rites.
  • Marriage certificate – One should apply for a marriage license after the marriage. The application can be sent online or in person. Registration of the marriage license is necessary before applying for a marriage certificate.


Applying for a birth certificate is essential to establish the newborn’s identity. The birth certificate is a crucial document for registering your child for a range of services like health services, passport, and so forth. Before applying for a birth certificate, you need to register the birth of a baby by filling out the Statement of Live Birth and mailing the same to the respective municipality.

You will receive a Notice of Birth Registration to enable you to apply for the Birth Certificate and Social Insurance Number (SIN). The requirements for applications may vary according to the province or territory. You need to complete these formalities before the first birthday of the child. You need to access the Newborn Registration Service to apply for registering the birth, birth certificate, and SIN.


You need to understand some criteria specific to the province before considering a divorce, although the law about divorce is the same across all provinces and territories in Canada. The following criteria are necessary to apply for a divorce:

  • The marriage is legal
  • You have an intention to separate permanently
  • You have left your partner, and there is no possibility of a patch-up
  • You are living in the province for a minimum of 12 months

Legal advice from a family law attorney is necessary before starting the divorce process. It will help you protect your legal rights and know the requirements to proceed with the divorce.


Following are crucial aspects to know when a close one dies in Canada:

  • Will – One must prepare a will to facilitate the appropriate utilization of money and property. Make sure that the will is up-to-date by making necessary changes regarding the addition of property, changes in the family, and so forth. Consulting an expert attorney will help you understand the process of preparing and updating the will.
  • Death Certificate – You must apply for a death certificate if someone you know passes away. One may apply for a death certificate any time after the registration of death. You will need information about the deceased person’s family, apart from personal information like name, sex, date, and place of death.
  • Voluntary Euthanasia – Canada recognizes an individual right to voluntary euthanasia through Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID). A person or another trustworthy individual can request MAID along with a clinicians assessment to confirm eligibility.

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