Canada & US Relation

Canada US Relations

Canada and the United States relations span over two centuries with a h3 bond that shares British colonial heritage. Canada and the US share the longest undefended border besides common values and history. Canada continues to remain a favorite immigration destination of US citizens. Contact an expert immigration consultant to know your options to visit, study, or work if you plan a move to the great white north.

World’s largest trading partners

With over a trillion-dollar trade and investment volume, Canada and the US provide millions of job opportunities to the citizens of both countries. Cross-border trade, integrated economies, and foreign direct investments are some vital factors that boost job opportunities.

The automobile industry is the major contributor to bilateral trade, with over $110 billion to facilitate the production of vehicles. Agriculture is another vital sector driving mutual trade between Canada and the US. Both countries strive relentlessly to establish and maintain free and fair trade relations by modernizing trade rules and designing several trade policies.

The modernization of the North American Free Trade Agreement is paving the way for the United States Mexico Canada Agreement to improve support to millions of well-paying job opportunities. The US citizens can explore NAFTA work permits to immigrate to Canada for a brighter future.

Integrated energy systems

A secure, reliable, and sustainable source of energy is paramount to the economy of the US. Canada is the largest supplier of all forms of energy to the US. Canada is helping the US economy and environment with the supply of sustainable energy forms.

The integrated energy sector is also a boon for job aspirants as the energy relationship between Canada and the US continues to strengthen with every passing year. You can explore a range of work permits and study programs to reach your Canadian dream by hiring a reputable immigration counselor.

Moving from the US to Canada

The decision to immigrate to Canada for studying or work can be beneficial from several perspectives. In 2019, Canada allowed over 10,000 US immigrants by offering better opportunities in jobs, health, and education. The Express Entry system is the easiest option to immigrate to Canada from the US.

You will need to qualify for one of the following three federal economic programs to leverage the Express Entry system:

Canadian Experience Class
Federal Skilled Worker Program
Federal Skilled Trade program
You may explore the Provincial Nomination Program if you meet the requirements.

Studying in Canada

Canada offers a large spectrum of perks to the students who plan to pursue education from the US. Not only are the tuition fees on the lower side in Canada, but you can also get an opportunity to work while studying from 20 hours a week to up to 40 hours a week. It will make your stay financially rewarding.

The study programs in Canada are of shorter duration as one can complete an Associate degree within two years and a Bachelor;s degree within three years. Most students obtain a Post Graduate Work Permit after completing studies. Combining Canadian studies and Work experience will boost your chances to qualify for a permanent residence considerably.

Thanks to h3 ties between Canada and the US, you will not require a Canadian visa if you have a US passport. You can continue to stay in Canada for up to six months on a visitor visa. Many individuals use the time to participate in a short-term study program.

Dev Immigration Services Inc is your trustworthy resource for discovering Canadian immigration options. Call us now to find a wealth of immigration pathways that will put you on a path to Canadian citizenship.


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