Canada is a country full of sports enthusiasts. Any professional or amateur sport, almost all Canadians will find it interesting. In fact, a study found that around one-third of Canadians follow professional sports and watch them every day.
Almost every big-time, organized sport has legions of fans in Canada. And this nation has a wide array of players, teams, and leagues.

Games Canada Plays

There are two national sports in Canada – lacrosse which is played in the summer and hockey which is played in the winter.


This is Canada’s national summer sport. Considered a vital part of Canadian culture, lacrosse is one of the most popular sports here. Any lacrosse game will always see full stadiums.

Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is the number one sport in Canada. It is also its national winter sport. The most famous teams here are the Toronto Maple Leafs and Montreal Canadiens.
Apart from these two, here’s a list of some other sports with great fan-following in the Great White North.


The sixth most popular sport in Canada, basketball is played by both men and women. While most people believe it to be a sport the youth enjoy more, it is gaining popularity among adults too.


While Rodeo is big in the US, it is equally so in Canada. Professional tournaments are huge here and they are tremendous fun too!


If you are a golf-lover, you should head over to Canada pronto!
The third-largest golfing nation, it has more than 2700 golf facilities. And the best part is, unlike other countries, around 90 percent of Canadian golf courses are open to the public.


A tier two rugby nation, Canada doesn’t have any full-time professional leagues. It does, however, participate in several international competitions. This game is moderately popular in Canada.


A winter sport played on ice, Curling has over time become an essential sport for grassroots Canada. It is a lifetime persuasion for participants of all ages and, at present, about 80-90 percent of the world’s curlers are from Canada.


If participation rates are considered, soccer can be called the most popular sport in the Great White North. It is the fastest-growing sport here as well.


Cricket was, by all and sundry, considered the most popular sport in Canada till Ice Hockey exploded on the scene. In fact, Cricket was so popular that John A. Macdonald, Canada’s first Prime Minister, declared it the country’s national sport.


Football is second on the list of most popular spectator sports in Canada. The annual championship of Canadian football, the Grey Cup, is among Canada’s largest annual sports events.
Canada’s national football league, Canadian Football League (CFL), is its third-biggest sports brand.

Canada and Olympic Games

When one talks of sports, how can the Olympic Games be left behind? Canada scores massively in the winter Olympic games but doesn’t do so well in the summer games.
As is clear from the information given above, sports play a vital role in Canadian society. Canadians’ love for sports begins from the school itself with the government investing heavily in the development of physical education.


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