Yukon in Canada guarantees a refreshing and peaceful life to its settlers. People who prefer living close to nature will feel right at home in this breath-taking province.

Abundant natural resources, a warm and welcoming population, and plenty of job opportunities are just a few among the long list of factors that make life in Yukon worth it!


Present in the north-western area of Canada, Yukon acquires a small territory on the map. With less than 200,000 square miles of land, it is an ideal destination for those who want a taste of nature. Around 36,000 people have created their homes in its rugged, mountainous terrain.

Gorgeous high peaks, ice fields, river valleys, and the famous Kluane National Park are Yukon’s most irresistible natural sites. It acquires its name from the aboriginal word for “Big Stream” – thus corroborating the fame acquired for its unmatched natural beauty. From housing the world’s smallest desert to the highest mountains of Canada, it is a pristine destination for nature enthusiasts.

Whitehorse, Yukon’s territorial capital, consists of about 75% of its entire population. It revealed its overflowing natural resources due to the Klondike rush of the 1890s, as thousands of people migrated here looking for economic opportunities.


This province entertains some extreme temperatures during the year. The short-lived summer makes up for it with long days. Winters can be freezing as the temperature drops to two digits in the negative. Like many provinces in the east and west of Canada, Yukon neither has a complete sunset during the summers nor a distinct sunrise during the winters.

Living Cost

Compared to its counterparts, the cost of living in Whitehorse is slightly higher than average. Your expenditure will depend on whether you choose to enjoy the modern amenities of the metropolis or the raw natural beauty of other provinces. The financial norm in Yukon promises a high family income, which lets you enjoy the best of Whitehorse too. The unemployment rates of Yukon are one of the lowest in Canada.

  • The province levies no territorial sales tax.
  • The average weekly income of a resident exceeds the average of other territories in Canada.
  • With a minimum wage of about 11 dollars, you can comfortably envision a higher standard of living.
  • Housing in Yukon is considerably affordable. You may need to install a heating system due to the weather conditions; this costs some extra few bucks.


Canadian law warrants government-funded healthcare to all residents of Canada, and Yukon is no different. Medical costs are generally not a worry for Canadian people, except for dental treatments, cosmetic surgeries, or prescription medications (in some cases). To steer clear of any financial distress, apply for medical insurance as soon as you immigrate to Canada.


You will be pleased to know that education is mandated free of cost for citizens and permanent residents up to 20 years of age. From kindergarten to Grade 12, you can get your child enrolled in any comprehensive public education program. Due to the concentration of people in Whitehorse, most of the schools are situated there.

With a curriculum decided by British Columbia, the educational system here sharpens the minds of the youth by offering both arts and sciences. The wide array of beauteous natural sites has inspired many schools and universities to incorporate environmental studies into their curricula.

Whitehorse is particularly famous for Yukon college, which holds pride in offering research opportunities and training. Such a curriculum encourages students to invest their time and skills into their community and make a difference. Also, it is a proud member of the University of the Arctic, due to its splendid commitment to the North.

Yukon is a welcoming place for every resident! If you are interested in settling in Yukon, we can help you have a stress-free and comfortable experience. Call us for more details!


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