Whether you are looking to work, raise a family, or pursue higher education, Saskatchewan is a gorgeous place that will facilitate all your requirements! Away from the rush of the metropolis, it offers a peaceful life brimming with opportunities.

Here is why you should consider this province.


Situated at the center of Canada, Saskatchewan is a province that borders the United States of America, with Regina as its capital city. Compared to other parts of Canada, it has a unique story to share. It is the only region in Canada that has artificial boundaries – not surrounded by natural features. Don’t be mistaken by this; it has bountiful rivers, forests, dunes, and grasslands. In fact, it is one of the two Prairie regions in Canada. Mesmerizing rivers and lakes cover about 12 percent of Saskatchewan. Moreover, its landscapes allow a tantalizing view of the sky with its magnificent sunsets and sunrises.

Along with this, two international airports in Saskatchewan connect the rest of Canada to this beauteous wonder. People who have settled here can conveniently fly to and from other provinces. Due to this, Saskatchewan is known for its multicultural society – with German, Irish, and English as its prominent demographic groups.

Anyone who is looking for small-town charm and increasing employment opportunities can find a home in Saskatchewan!


Just like the rest of Canada, the climate in Saskatchewan also oscillates between extremes. Winters from December to January witness a substantial drop in their temperature, while summers are breezy and receive ample sunshine throughout the months. With regular weather forecasts, it is easy for one to stay cautious about the weather.

Living Cost

The high standard of living – accompanied by a low cost of living – is a pleasant experience for anyone looking to immigrate. Your family income would likely be higher than the rest of Canada’s average!

Its plentiful natural resources ensure a low housing cost. Moreover, the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation facilitates social funding to residents looking for a home.

  • Its sales tax is among the lowest in Canada.
  • Since its major cities are situated next to each other, commuting to work does not take much money or time.
  • Most people in Saskatchewan are able to afford a decent home easily.
  • This province is lauded for its government-funded social programs. It maintains the high quality of life of people residing in Saskatchewan.


As per the rest of Canada, the majority of the medical expenditures are funded by the Government. All basic health treatments are offered free of cost. Since this is for the legal and permanent residents of Canada, you have to apply for a health card as soon as you arrive. However, it is not applicable for cosmetic surgeries, medicinal charges, etc.


Saskatchewan offers many opportunities to students for both elementary and higher education. Once completing your elementary and secondary education, you may choose to pursue post-secondary education. It includes applying to a university or college.

  • The Graduate Retention Program is a great option available for students pursuing education in Saskatchewan. It offers a refund of up to 20,000 USD for post-secondary students of approved programs. Both provincial and international students can apply for this program.
  • There are also other programs provided by the province that help students continue their training.
  • All public and private universities located here prioritize the health and safety of children.

Saskatchewan comprises both modern and remote towns that stay attuned to its nature’s beauty and urban developments. If you choose to stay in this province, you shall be giving yourself a lifetime of peace and comfort. Ease up the stressful procedure of immigration by getting in touch with our team! Call us now!


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