Quebec is an outstanding option for anyone looking for an upscale in their quality of life. With a rich culture, vibrant natural sites, and top-scale facilities, you would have the time of your life in Quebec!

All your doubts will fizzle their way out once you get to know more about Quebec.

The Place

Present in the eastern region of Canada, it is the largest of all the Canadian provinces. Two popular cities – Montreal and Quebec City – are situated in Quebec. Home to about 8.4 million residents, its diversity and culture bring a special significance to the place. Most people here are French speakers.

It is easy to immerse yourself in the four thousand years of history of Quebec. With about twenty-four national parks, acclaimed museums, and lakes, this place retains its famous and hidden gems for the eyes of the intrepid traveller and all its residents. The globally renowned St. Lawrence River is present in the heart of Quebec City.


Weather in Quebec is characterized by cold winters and warm, breezy summers. Winters add their charm to the province by bringing out the love for winter sports like ice-skating and skiing. On the other hand, the warmth of summer brings many festivities to life. The famous festival, Festival d’été de Quebec, takes place during this time.

Living Cost

Luckily, living in Quebec is not as expensive as you may think! Being cheaper than its environs, it paves the way for a comfortable life with high-standard health and educational services.

  • The housing options in Quebec are among the lowest in Canada! You owe this pleasure to a recent referendum passed in Quebec, which makes real estate immensely accessible.
  • There are plenty of grocery stores all around the province. It saves you the worry and cost of traveling too far for all things big and small.
  • Some of the cities within Quebec have the cheapest living cost.
  • The electricity costs are about a quarter of the regular price in the United States.
  • However, Quebec levies a relatively large tax on its people. It may be justifiable due to the housing and education costs.


For many, a free-of-cost healthcare plan is a dream yet to be true. It is not the case for Quebec’s residents! Thanks to its provincial medical health plan, you can enjoy medical services without spending anything out of your pocket.

Here is how you can ensure worry-free medical treatment:

  • Register with Quebec’s insurance plan called RAMQ. Once done, it takes about three months to be qualified for the insurance program.
  • Anyone with a work permit for six months or less is not eligible for the provincial plan.
  • Consult your doctor to ensure that their services are covered under the plan to avoid any perturbation.


Any parent will be at peace with the unparalleled educational services offered by Quebec. Without spending a penny, all children up to the age of 16 must attend school.

  • Several public and private schools offer courses in both English and French.
  • It has a well-designed, inclusive educational plan comprising four levels: kindergarten, elementary, pre-university, and university.
  • Day-care rates for children up to the age of five are among the lowest in the entire of North America, let alone Canada.

Your child can pursue higher studies in any of the 18 universities in Quebec – the Universite de Montréal being the largest high-ranking institution. Students long to set foot in McGill University in Montreal and graduate as proud scholars. Its internationally recognized courses offer a wide array of subjects, from medicine to technology to arts.

Staying in Quebec promises a slice of Canada’s best. From its French-Canadian culture to its affordable prices of living, Quebec promises a vibrant life ahead! Also, settling in Quebec is now easier than ever with our team of helpful immigration consultants. Contact us today!


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