Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Ah, Prince Edward Island – this is a gorgeous place with a real small-town feel to it. If you are the type who abhors haste of any type and loves to be at a short driving distance from everything you need, this is the perfect moving destination for you.

The Place

Prince Edward Island (PEI) is one among Canada’s four Atlantic Provinces, along with being its smallest province. It also is the least populous with just around 140000 people living in it.

Also called the Garden Province, Prince Edward Island is famous the world over for its stunning natural beauty.

Located off the eastern coast in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, this beautiful island has almost 1100 km of beaches. You will fall in love with its rusty-red soil, undulating hills, rural communities, and mouth-watering seafood.

It is separated from the mainland by the North umber land Strait. Its largest city, Charlottetown, is also its capital and is located towards the south shore of the island.


This enticing island enjoys all four seasons, each extremely beautiful to experience.

The summer is warm and sunny, not particularly hot. In fact, the ocean breeze makes one feel colder than the temperature reading.

The winter is not bitingly cold. On most days, the temperature can be just below zero but the cold winds make it feel colder.

As this is a small place, you can almost never escape the seas continuous breeze, which feels adventurous and makes one feel in tune with nature at all times.

Living Cost

In case you are wondering if this province is expensive to live in, it is not so. In fact, it is cheaper in terms of food, housing, and utilities as compared to the others.

In 2018, its capital city, Charlottetown, was rated the sixth most affordable city to live in throughout Canada.

It is a vibrant and growing business community. The main industries here are agriculture, tourism, and fishing. Tourism too is seeing a rise as more and more tourists are thronging here for the island’s lavish landscapes and gorgeous golf courses. There is also a rise in job opportunities in the manufacturing and high-technology sectors.


The Canadian Law says that all its provinces and territories are bound to offer universal, publicly funded health care to all citizens and legal residents of Canada.

Prince Edward Islands Medical Care Plan provides all medically required doctor and surgical services, which include certain dental procedures too.

All basic healthcare needs are covered under this plan and you do not have to bear their cost. However, elective cosmetic surgeries and certain dental care procedures are not covered by the plan.


As is the case with all the other provinces in Canada, free education is provided to all citizens and permanent residents till they reach the age of 20.

Education is imparted through the public school system, which begins with Early Childhood Education programs and continues till Grade 12.

Once secondary school is done, students desirous of entering skilled can enroll into any of the many comprehensive apprenticeships and training programs of the province which helps them to learn a trade and find jobs.

This province has one publicly funded university for post-secondary education – the University of Prince Edward Island.

Students can attend Holland College, which is a publicly funded community college. For private career training, they may attend schools set up precisely for the purpose.

Many immigrants are attracted to PEI due to its coastal and pastoral beauty. Some love its culinary trail, historic sites, artisan studios, and beaches, while some find it fascinating for its community feel and non-existent rush hours.

If you want to call Prince Edward Island home, come to us for an easy way to do so. Our expert immigration consultants will hold your hand throughout the process and guide you flawlessly.


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