Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

All those who are looking to move to Nova Scotia will discover a relaxing quality of life that’s no longer found in most places around the globe. It is second to none and allows one to keep all vital life factors such as family, work, responsibility and responsibility in perspective.

It’s a great place to move, and here’s why you should give it a shot.

The Place

With more than 6400 kilometres of coastline, Nova Scotia has all the natural elements that draw people from around the world. Rolling sea, verdant forests, farmland, and over 5400 lakes – all of these in tandem with the culture and energy of growing cities – could one really ask for more?

The name ‘Nova Scotia’ is Latin for ‘New Scotland’. Its capital city, Halifax, is also its largest city. One of its port towns, Lunenburg is a UNESCO-listed fishing town with eye-catching vividly colored houses along its coast. Legend says in the past, houses were painted thus to be visible to sailors at sea!


Its proximity to the sea has ensured a continental climate with warm summers and cool winters. In inland areas, winters are colder and summers comparatively warmer. In all, this is a pleasant place to live.

Living Cost

If you have been wondering about the cost of living in Nova Scotia, you are in for a pleasant surprise. The cost of living here is one of the lowest in all Canadian provinces.

  • Buying a home here is quite affordable. As of mid-2020, the average value of a home here was almost half of the same type in all of Canada.
  • There have been several changes to Federal Immigration policies, which have led to a positive change in the growth of Nova Scotia, and interprovincial migration has been on the rise for almost seven years in a row now.
  • With the need for skilled workers on the incline, you can be sure of landing a great job here with commensurate salaries and perks.
  • Most workers appreciate the learning work environment here and say they enjoy being here amongst similar-minded co-workers.
  • Food, transportation, and services are affordable too.
  • Rented accommodation is affordable as well, especially in areas further away from downtown.


Healthcare is on top of the list for many who plan to move along with their family. Canada’s exemplary healthcare system has helped it to rate among the best places to live in the world.

  1. Apply for your Nova Scotia’s Medical Services Insurance (MSI) Health Card soon after you arrive here.
  2. This comprises the cost of:
  • Medically required physician care
  • Some optometric and dental care services
  • Specialists’ visits (referred by a doctor)
  • A few in- and outpatient services
  1. MSI does not cover the cost of prescription medications.
  2. You may augment the cover by opting for private or complementary health insurance.
  3. Your employer may offer additional coverage to meet the cost of prescriptions or supplementary health services.
  4. A service – 211 – helps residents to find community and social services. It offers interpretation services for over a hundred languages.


Now, let’s come to education.

All children in Nova Scotia are legally required to attend school until age 16. Parents also have the option of performing home-schooling, but they must still follow specific guidelines and courses.

  • Children are required by law to attend school till they are 16 years of age.
  • You may home-school your child if you so wish, but you’ll have to comply with the set guidelines.
  • All public education is free of cost.
  • Students learn the French language from Grades 4-9.
  • All genders are taught together in all public schools.

For higher education, you may attend any of the several community colleges and technical schools here. The largest university is Dalhousie University in Halifax.

Nova Scotia has a reputation for being friendly and welcoming. This culturally diverse and vibrant maritime province is a great choice to move. And we are there to help you do so without facing any troubles. Set yourself free from the hassles of documentation – our team is willing and waiting to help you achieve your dreams! Contact us today!


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