Northwest Territories

Northwest Territories

Desirous of moving to the Northwest Territories (NWT)? You must be an intrepid adventurer who enjoys the thrill of living and working amidst spectacular natural beauty.

The Place

Places between Yukon and Nunavut on the west coast of Canada, the Northwest Territories sit just above the Arctic Circle.

Its grandiose biological splendour comprises massive mountains, lakes and rivers, barren-lands, and, the best of all, the Northern Lights!

In terms of size, the NWT is Canada’s second largest territory, almost twice the size of Texas. The landscape of this majestic land is unparalleled. Half of the population of the NWT lives in its capital, Yellowknife, which also holds the distinction of having the highest rate of employment in Canada.


During spring and summer, Yellowknife is Canadas sunniest city.

The NWTs climate is dry and cold. Summers are sunny and temperate while the winters are extremely cold, bitingly so. Summer sees almost continuous sunlight due to the lands proximity to the Arctic Circle. The sky is a brilliant blue – massively pleasing to the eye. However, the winter season is mostly sun-less.

This is a land of extremes, with temperatures reaching the highest in Canada.

Living Cost

The NWT has a booming economy, which is its calling card for people looking to immigrate here. There is a treasure of natural resources here, opening the doors for associated industries like mining, oil and gas.
Here are some plus points:

  • The NWT has the highest per capita GDP in the whole of Canada.
  • Yellowknife is expanding at a rapid pace, opening the doors to service industry jobs.
  • As mentioned, unemployment is quite low here.
  • Its geographical location has led to a slightly higher cost of living, which is offset by higher compensation.
  • Bonuses are offered by many companies to attract and retain employees.

The NWT has a rich tradition of immigration. This is a welcoming place for all those who are willing to embrace diversity and new cultural experiences, along with enjoying attractive economic opportunities.

Health Care

The Canadian Healthcare law ensures all its residents enjoy free and comprehensive medical care.

  • You have access to hospital and doctor care on a need basis, not according to your ability to pay.
  • You have to be a resident of the NWT to receive its health care via the NWT Health Care Plan.
  • This plan takes care of basic medical and hospital care.
  • However, it doesnt cover costs related to medicines, dental care, medical supplies, or eyeglasses.
  • If you want to check your eligibility regarding extended health benefits, you can contact your employer.
  • You can also supplement the cover through private insurance companies.


The NWT is known for its highly-rated public education system.

  1. This system meets all the education-related requirements of the NWTs children right from kindergarten to Grade 12.
  2. The school system takes in both indigenous and non-indigenous students.
  3. The capital city, Yellowknife, has three school systems:
  • Public
  • Catholic
  • French

4. A free-of-cost school-based outreach program called the Yellowknife SWIS program helps new students and parents to get settled comfortably in the school and the community.

For post-secondary education, students can attend college for different courses. They can also opt for apprenticeship programs and vocational training programs.

The NWT is a wonderland for people who love living life to the fullest. An adventure is always around the corner here, and moving here will only bring positivity into your life.

You can contact us today if you are thinking of moving here. Let our competent and experienced immigration professionals help you realize your dream!


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