New Brunswick

New Brunswick

So New Brunswick is the place you have liked the look of? You sure like the good things in life, then! This unique, gorgeous land has been calling out to many, and none of them ever want to leave it to go anywhere else.

The Place

A maritime province, New Brunswick is Canada’s only officially bilingual province, with English and French accorded the same status.

This rectangle-shaped province is smaller than the others, but its natural beauty is second to none. The stunningly majestic St. John River splits this province from the north to the south. Its raw natural form is resplendent, with more than 80 percent of all of New Brunswick covered in thick evergreen forests.

Called the ‘Hidden Gem’ of Canada, New Brunswick’s largest urban centre is Moncton and its capital city is Fredericton.


The weather of New Brunswick comprises seasons that are clearly distinguishable. The summer is warm and comfortable, not too hot. Then there are the spring and autumn seasons, which have pleasant but cool days. The autumn is a particularly gorgeous time with the kaleidoscope of deciduous foliage contrasting with the verdant greenery of the conifers being distinctly pleasing to the eye.

The winter, however, is cold and snowy. The interiors of New Brunswick often turn very cold.

Living Cost

The economy of New Brunswick is resource-based.

The main industries here are mining, forestry, and fishing. Providing balance to this equation is a set of sectors comprising services, tourism, agriculture, and manufacturing.

There is also an expansion in sectors like telecommunications, computer software development, and oil refining.

All of this means a growing need for skilled workers, aka jobs galore.

This is an affordable place to live, with well-priced real estate.

You also have to pay less for utilities than elsewhere in Canada.

You can expect to live a relaxed and healthy life here within a welcoming community and safe and peaceful environment.


Once you are in New Brunswick, you can expect exemplary healthcare provided by the provincial government.

  • To get this government-funded health care, you have to register for a New Brunswick Medicare Card.
  • This card covers several medically required healthcare services. With this in hand, you are entitled to free universal healthcare in New Brunswick.
  • Do carry this card along for identification whenever you visit a healthcare place.
  • Also, take your medical records along for the doctor to know your medical history in detail.
  • Additional medical cover is included in the benefits package of many employers.
  • Using this card, you can access family doctors and hospitals. Also, you are not required to pay anything for regular visits.
  • You can also register for Patient Connect NB, which is a bilingual patient registry for New Brunswick residents without a primary health-care provider.


If you are thinking of moving to New Brunswick with your children, read on to know about the education offered here.

  • New Brunswick’s public education system is funded by the province.
  • There is a dual system of English and French schools here, imparting education from Kindergarten to Grade 12.
  • Students are expected to compulsorily attend school till they either complete high school or reach 18 years of age.
  • To ensure continued education from birth to age eight, the education department has included Early Childhood Services in its mandate.

For higher education, students can enrol into any of the four public universities in New Brunswick or the community colleges here which offer a wide variety of educational programs.

Education here is definitely among the best in the world. In fact, New Brunswick has the proud distinction of being the province with the highest high school graduation rate in all of Canada.

Sounds appealing, doesn’t it?

You can skip the honking traffic and look forward to a tranquil life in this mesmerising land. If you feel New Brunswick is waiting for you, come to us for a stress-free move. Our immigration consultants will pave the way for you. Contact us now!


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