Life in canada

Canada Provinces

Canada has ten provinces and three territories. Each region has its own reasons for moving there. Educate yourself to see which one suits you and your lifestyle the best.

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Canadian Facts

From its majestic mountains and green forests to its bustling cities, this beautiful land is full of amazing features. Here are few interesting facts about life in Canada.

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Driving License

Driving in Canada can be a great way to get to know a new country. In order to legally drive in Canada, you’ll need a driver’s license that is authorized by your local province.

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Whether you have landed in Canada or are still in the planning phase of your journey, there are many things that you can do now to prepare to land a job in Canada.

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Understand Finance

As you plan your move, familiarizing yourself with the Canadian banking and financial in context to key tasks like opening bank accounts, building credit history, borrowing money, and filing taxes.

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A basic understanding of various telecom providers and their service offerings can help you make an informed decision while choosing your first Canadian phone connection or home internet service.

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Know Healthcare

One of the top reasons newcomers choose Canada as their new home is access to a publicly-funded universal healthcare system. Healthcare in Canada is administered at the provincial level, and each province operates differently.

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Various Insurance

As you plan your move to Canada, educating yourself with the insurance options in Canada can help you make smart financial decisions, reduce insurance costs and assist in financial planning.

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Housing Fundamentals

Finding a place to live in Canada isn’t always easy. The housing market may be a little different from your home country, and as a newcomer there may be some hurdles you need to overcome.

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Canadian Culture

Due to European roots and its close proximity to the United States, Canada’s traditions are a unique amalgamation of several cultures.

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PR Card & Citizenship

Permanent residents (PRs) must have a valid PR card to be able return to Canada after leaving the country. It is thus advisable not to leave Canada without your PR card.

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Helpful Guides

Whether you are looking to visit, study, work in or immigrate to Canada, these guides provides you the latest information about your application.

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Explore Popular Cities

You've gone through the whole immigration process, but you still haven't figured out where you want to settle? This section is for you!

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