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How To Get Your Canadian Study Permit In 2022?

How To Get Your Canadian Study Permit In 2022?

Jun 20, 2022

High-quality education and rewarding job opportunities attract numerous students to study in Canada. A study permit is an authorization that permits a person to study in Canada for a specified period. How to get your Canadian study permit in 2022?

Get an Acceptance Letter from a Canadian University

The first step is to submit an application at a Canadian university of your preference. To process a visa application, you need an acceptance letter from the university.

Apply for a Student Permit

Once you receive the acceptance letter from the college or university, you can apply for a visa or study permit. The application can be submitted online through the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC).

Documents Needed for a Student Permit

As mentioned above, the acceptance letter from a Canadian University is essential. You must produce proof of financial resources that support your living expenses and tuition fees in Canada. It is necessary to submit the certificate of medical examination to show that you are a healthy human being. You should also produce proof confirming you have no criminal record. Other documents include a valid passport, a statement of intent, two passport size photographs, proof of English language skills, and a study permit fee receipt.

Biometrics and Interview

The biometrics appointment and interview will be conducted at a visa application center in your country. If you are selected, you will be called for a final interview before granting a study permit.

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