Extending Your Stay in Canada as a Student

Extending Your Stay in Canada as a Student

Apr 4, 2024


After obtaining a study permit, international students may need to extend or change their permit during their studies in Canada. A study permit typically expires 90 days after the end of a study program. If a student does not finish their program before the date on their study permit, they must apply to extend their stay as a student. If they finish their program early, the study permit will expire 90 days after that, regardless of the original date on the permit.

Applying for Extension

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) advises students to apply to extend their study permits at least 30 days before the current permit expires. It’s recommended to apply more than 30 days before it expires to account for any delays or other issues that may arise.

Quebec Students

Students studying in Quebec may also need to obtain a new Certificat D’acceptation Du Quebec/Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ). In general, if you require a study permit, you also require a CAQ.

Maintaining Legal Status

Maintaining legal status in Canada throughout this process is crucial. It’s important not to exceed the duration of your authorized stay in Canada without first applying for a change in status.

Expired Study Permit

If a study permit has already expired and the student hasn’t applied to extend it, they have lost their status in Canada. They can’t continue or restart their studies until IRCC has restored their status and issued a new study permit. They have 90 days to apply to restore their status and extend their permit, with a fee of CAN$200 for status restoration and CAN$150 for the new study permit.

Travel Outside of Canada

Students planning to travel outside of Canada must ensure they have the necessary travel document to re-enter the country. A valid travel document is required for re-entry.

Change of Permit

If a student applies for a work permit instead of a study permit, they are not allowed to continue studying while waiting for a decision on their work permit application. They also cannot work until IRCC has approved their application. However, they are allowed to stay in Canada as a temporary resident (visitor) until a decision is made on their application.

DEV Immigration Assistance

DEV Immigration, as an experienced immigration company, can provide valuable assistance to international students seeking to extend their stay in Canada. We can help navigate the application process, ensuring all documents are submitted correctly and on time. We can also provide guidance on other types of work permits, changing status to a visitor, or applying for a second study permit. Our expertise can help students maintain legal status in Canada and explore opportunities for post-graduation work permits.

Post-Graduation Options

After graduating, international students have several options to stay in Canada. They can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP), which allows them to work in Canada for up to three years after graduation. To be eligible, students must have completed a program of study that lasted at least eight months and have graduated from a designated learning institution. The PGWP is an excellent opportunity for students to gain valuable Canadian work experience.

Extending your stay in Canada as a student involves careful planning and adherence to immigration regulations. By understanding the process and seeking assistance from reputable immigration consultants like DEV Immigration, students can navigate the complexities of Canadian immigration law with ease.

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