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Express Entry Applications to Be Processed Within 6 Months Again

Express Entry Applications to Be Processed Within 6 Months Again

Jun 27, 2022

Six-month tenure was the standard processing time required for Canadian Express Entry applications. The recent pandemic made it impossible for the Canadian Government to process applications on time. Many applicants have been waiting more than 6 months to get a response. Some of them have not received any response for more than 20 months. They have no idea about the status of their permanent residence applications.

The latest announcement by the IRCC brings great hope for all applicants. According to them, new Express Entry applications will be processed within six months. It is applies to FSWP, CEC, and FSTP candidates.

This decision has made all Canadian immigration applicants extremely happy. Skilled works rely on the Express Entry pathway to immigrate to Canada. Since December 2020, IRCC hasn’t sent new invitations to FSWP candidates. When it comes to CEC candidates, they haven’t received new invitations since September 2021.

This situation will change with the recent decision taken by the IRCC. It is a welcome change that will make a huge impact on the immigration scene. Numerous will get an opportunity to fulfill their goal of receiving a permanent residence in Canada.

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