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Are You A Tech Talent? Explore Canada’s Immigration Pathways

Are You A Tech Talent? Explore Canada’s Immigration Pathways

Jul 15, 2022

Canada’s tech sector is growing exponentially and is constantly searching for tech talents. The Canadian government offers permanent resident options and temporary work permits for skilled tech workers.

So, let’s look at the choices offered for permanent and temporary tech positions.

What Are the Permanent Residence Options?

For professionals deciding to make Canada their permanent residence, the Express Entry program or a Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) offers many immigration options to choose from.

The Express Entry Program

The most preferred choice in Express Entry is the Federal Skilled Workers Program, where a minimum of one year of work experience is needed. Moreover, if you have worked in Canada for one year within the past three years, you can apply through the Canadian Experience Class program.

The Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Any one of the Canadian provinces, except Quebec and Nunavut, will nominate you to be a permanent resident of their province. Many provinces like British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario nominate you to be a permanent resident if you are found eligible.

How to Get a Temporary Work Permit?

Apart from permanent residents, some industries offer temporary work permits for talented tech personnel.

The Global Talent Stream (GTS)

Getting a work permit through GTS, Employment and Social Development Canada will give you a neutral or positive Labor Market Impact Assessment based on your potential to develop the Canadian workforce.


Canada – United States – Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) is a temporary work permit companies offer for potential tech talents in North America. CUSMA can be categorized into professionals and Intra-Company Transfers.


As major companies like Google and Amazon focus on Canada for growth and development, the tech sector is always looking for talents. For additional guidance, get in touch with Dev Immigration. They’ll offer the best pathway for your dream plan in Canada.

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