Choosing the Best College to Study in Canada

Choosing the Best College to Study in Canada

Aug 22, 2022

If you are planning to enroll in a college or a professional course in Canada, planning well will ensure the perfect choice that fits your requirement. Joining just any college or professional training program haphazardly is not desirable, especially when it is about studying in a foreign land! Your choice of course and institution must ideally contribute towards skill upgradation in your choice of domain. We take a look at a series of steps to be undertaken to arrive at the right course. 

Begin by Asking yourself What you wish to Achieve!

To make the right selection, you should know where you wish to go. Start by chalking out your immediate, medium-term, and long-term goals while you are in Canada. Ask yourself why you came to this country in the first place. Delve deeper into what you wish to achieve from here. Are you seeking work experience? Are you keen on extending your stay to generate a better income, or is it an affinity for the place in general? If it is income you are looking at, you must know that enrolling in a college program in Canada can also be a way to ensure the availability of a work permit. Once you understand what your needs and requirements are, choosing a college that is most convenient for you will be easy. 

Seek Help from an Educational Advisor

Seeking help from an educational advisor who is experienced in dealing with foreign students should be the next logical step. An educational advisor will be the right person to guide you regarding the best options available for continuing studies in this country and making significant progress in your professional career. He or she will be of help in evaluating the possibilities of enrolling in an academic program that adds up to your professional profile. 

A good advisor can also help you secure a job in this country so that you can support yourself during your period of stay. He or she may also help you with tips on extending your stay here and also landing citizenship in the country! Always remember to rely on professional advice alone! Choose an advisor with the help of references and feedback for the best results. 

It is Important to Choose a College Accredited by the Canadian Government

Although this may seem quite obvious, a good number of students do end up having problems with this one! It is important to remember that for international students, the Canadian student visa is granted subject to the condition that you are part of an institution or a study program that is recognized and accredited by the Canadian government! Immigration norms can lead to heady confusion in many cases. As a student, you need to be sanguine that you have chosen a Canadian college or course that is valid for the local visa. There are validated lists available for you to look up. Just find some trustworthy references online! 

There is Something called the Post Graduation Work Permit or the PGWP

If you are planning to study in Canada and also work for your expenses at the same time, opting for the Post Graduation Work Permit or PGWP is an option. With this permit, you can extend your stay here and also keep working through the duration of your course. Remember, however, that not all Canadian colleges allow access to the Post Graduation Work Permit. This is something you will need to check before registration. 

Take note that an important requirement for issuance of PGWP is an official letter from your college that states that you have completed your course successfully and can now apply for this permit. 

Networking with other International Students always Helps

Networking with other international students is a great way to learn more about the institutions. Ask ex-students what they think about the course and the institute. Their experiences are likely to provide informative insights that will help you in the selection process. There are online communities for international students in Canada that you can join too! Ask relevant questions to guide you to the correct choices. 

It is important to remember also that PGWP is issued only once! Do not make the mistake of finding ways to re-apply for a second one, as it may lead to a punishable offense as per the laws of the land. Also, never opt for a short study duration. Your PGWP will only last as long as your course! Seeking a longish one will allow you to stay longer! 

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