Canada’s New Digital Nomad Immigration Program

Canada’s New Digital Nomad Immigration Program

Jul 25, 2023

Have you ever dreamt of immersing yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of Canada while working remotely? Your dream might just come true with Canada’s latest immigration program tailored for digital nomads. The Canadian government recently unveiled an enticing opportunity for remote workers from around the globe. Now, digital nomads can extend their stay in Canada beyond the usual six-month visitor status by applying for a temporary work permit, which offers an additional three years if they secure employment with a Canadian employer.

“It’s an incredible opportunity for people who want to test-drive Canada and if they decide they want to commit once their time is up, we’re quite happy to have them,” shares Sean Fraser, Canada’s immigration minister, with CNBC Make It. The driving force behind this program is Canada’s pressing need to address its labor shortage in vital tech occupations. With a considerable yearly emigration rate to the U.S., Canada aims to retain skilled workers seeking higher-paying opportunities in the tech and finance sectors, among others. Randstad Canada reports that the average tech worker in Canada earns about $74,000 per year, while their counterparts in cities like New York and San Francisco receive salaries exceeding $130,000.

Canada’s new digital nomad immigration program joins a growing list of over 30 countries worldwide that have introduced similar programs to attract digital nomads, with Spain and Portugal already leading the way.

If you’re tempted to apply for a temporary Canadian visa, you’ll need a valid government-issued passport and proof of income. Be prepared to undergo fingerprinting and an interview with a representative from Canada’s immigration office. However, Masha Sutherlin, the director of global corporate legal and mobility at Deel, warns that visa application approval might not be as swift as one hopes. Different countries have varied processing times, and not all are equipped to handle the high volume of applications that these programs attract. While some digital nomads have received approvals in just a few weeks in places like the UAE, in Portugal, the process can take anywhere from three months to a year. So, patience is key.

Furthermore, it’s essential to consider your long-term plans when selecting a destination for your digital nomad journey. While Canada offers a clear path to permanent citizenship through their program, not all countries provide the same level of opportunity for those seeking a more permanent arrangement.

In conclusion, Canada’s new digital nomad immigration program opens up exciting possibilities for remote workers seeking to explore and experience the beauty of the Great North while maintaining their career path. The three-year extension granted by the temporary work permit offers ample time to immerse oneself in Canada’s diverse culture and landscapes. However, aspiring digital nomads should be aware that processing times can vary greatly, depending on the country’s immigration resources.

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