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Immigration fraud is a growing issue in Canada, and there are many unauthorized representatives offering Immigration Consulting services. Therefore, when hiring an Immigration Consultant, ensure you select a regulated, reputable professional. These unauthorized consultants known as ghost consultants purport to be legally appointed consultants to provide immigration advice and services to clients, when in fact they are not permitted.  This is a criminal offense in Canada and can result in steep fines, and a criminal record.

​At Dev Immigration Services Inc. we take the regulations seriously and only work with legally appointed Agents, who are then registered with CICC as per the immigration agent’s regulation and then become appointed agents of Dev Immigration Services Inc.

​You can partner with us and earn income as commissions on successful cases from any part of the world. We are actively looking around the globe for associates who can join our growing organization and benefit themselves and us. Immigration consulting is a remunerative but responsible business, and we will only entertain genuine business owners who can prove their credentials.

What is the difference between a registered consultant and an agent?

An RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) is licensed to provide legal advice and services related to Canadian immigration and is authorized by The College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).  They may charge a fee for the services they provide to clients.

In Canada, CICC regulates RCICs by enforcing a Code of Professional Ethics, accrediting and auditing IPPs, and delivering Practice Management Education and Continuing Professional Development.

​An Immigration Agent is not an RCIC and ae not authorized to give an immigration advice. He/She is merely an extension of the licensed consultant where they are located in the world and is supervised by the person they are appointed by a RCIC.  Agents assist consultants find clients.  An Agent may not charge a client for their services, as the RCIC pays the agent a fee for each successful case that is handled.

​Agents may not provide legal counsel or advise, they may not provide direct information to clients based on their own knowledge and information, but they can pass on information that is provided by the RCIC.
​Agents should already have a location and connections to client streams or should be in a position to become established in a short space of time.

There are two types of business arrangements we have with our representatives:

  1. Franchisee: The Franchisee works on a full-time basis to represent Dev Immigration Services uniformed consulting services and operates a full-time office to promote our services by establishing an office. We now accept a limited number of franchisees under our brand, Dev Immigration Services. Our company is a leading immigration consultancy firm located in  Downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. As a Canadian immigration consultancy firm, we strive to serve our corporate and individual clients in their applications to get temporary work permits, enter Canada as business visitors, deliver speeches in Canada, perform in Canada as artists or athletes, immigrate to Canada, sponsor loved ones, get study permits, get eTAs, and fight their cases at the Immigration and Refugee Board hearings. We primarily operate in British Columbia, Alberta, Canada with several clients in other provinces of Canada and many other different countries.
  2. Independent Agent: The Independent Agent works on a full time / part time basis besides their existing activity to promote our services with or without establishing an office. Throughout the world, people are always migrating from one country to another. The rate of migration for the purpose of better future and opportunities, education and protection specially towards the west will always continue and is expected to increase as the level of education increases among the populace in the developing countries. These prospective immigrants need help and guidance, to fulfil or achieve their dreams. That assistance can be provided by qualified consultants from .

Immigration Services is a very promising and rewarding business. Agents can earn handsome amount of money assisting the qualified Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC). The agent’s job is to conduct promotion of consultant’s immigration services in the local area. Some of the important duties which an agent performs are Dev Immigration Services Inc.

  • Introduce prospective immigrants to the RCIC.
  • Collect documents from the clients as per the directions of the RCIC and send it to him.
  • Assist the RCIC in advertising the business in the print and electronic media.
  • Assist the RCIC in preparation and conduct of information seminars in the local area.
  • Agent cannot render any kind of immigration advice to the prospective immigration applicants.
  • Agent cannot charge or collect any money from the client for the work being performed by him/her on behalf of the RCIC.

Agent will be paid commission for each client, s/he brings to the RCIC for immigration services.
If you are an excellent salesperson, who love communicating with people, enjoy travelling around and have positive attitude, you would fit into our team well. As far as earning goes, sky is the limit.

To become a partner with US, a business must be:

  • Registered as a business in their local country for at least 2 years
  • Have a valid business registration certificate
  • Have a valid local Tax Number
  • ​Provide details of ALL business owners or directors
  • Have an official Office and Physical Address
  • Have clear criminal records
  • Have at least 3 letters of reference from suppliers, and at least 3 letters of reference from clients
  • Have a website, telephone number, and business email address.
  • Provide full contact information
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Provide a plan for how you will integrate Dev Immigration Services Inc. products and services into your business, and provide those services and products to your clients

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