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Are Biometrics Required When Applying To Immigrate To Canada?

Are Biometrics Required When Applying To Immigrate To Canada?

Sep 12, 2022

Are you an aspiring candidate who wants to immigrate to Canada as a student or as a skilled worker? Then being up to date about the application process and other requirements needed to immigrate is very vital. Canada has recently raised its biometric prerequisites. This means that if you want to apply for a work or study permit, visitor’s visa, or permanent residence visa, or if you’re a person who’s claiming refugee/asylum status, then you need to mandatorily check if you’re instructed to submit your biometrics.

Where should you submit your biometrics?

When you’re submitting your biometrics, you should approach the VACs (Visa Application Centres). If you’re a first-time applicant applying from outside Canada, then you need to submit your biometrics at a VAC that is authorized by the Canadian federal government. For assistance please submit our free assessment form.

If you’re a traveller travelling to Canada as a tourist from a visa-exempt country, then it’s not mandatory for you to provide biometrics. But this is valid provided you have eTA (Electronic Travel Authorization) from your country.

Are you an applicant with multiple citizenships?

In case you’re an applicant who has multiple citizenships in your hands, it’s expected that you use the same travel documents as a passport for the entirety of the application process. Again, you should use the same documents when submitting the biometrics at the VAC or ASC (Application Support Centre).

Are you a candidate who wants to change your nationality after submitting your application? Then the only way to do so is to withdraw your application. You should visit a visa office in your country and submit a new application along with the required fees. You can visit the official site to get a more detailed idea of the fee that you need to pay.

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What to do if you’re an In-Canadian applicant?

Are you an applicant who wants to apply from inside Canada? Then you need to visit the nearest Service Canada office that is present in multiple locations across Canada. When you’re planning to extend the permits or visas, make sure that your previously submitted biometrics are valid. In case it’s not, then you’re expected to submit a new set of biometrics.

For foreign nationals between 14 and 79, the categories for submitting biometrics are permanent residents, foreign workers, international students, and visa-required visitors. If you fall under any of the given categories and want to extend your corresponding permit, then it’s obligatory that you submit the biometrics.

The categories for being exempted from biometrics submission

If you’re an applicant under any of the below categories, then you are exempted from submitting the biometrics. But a lot of applicants find themselves with issues at the last minute as they do not pay close attention to the exemption rules.

  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and applicants for citizenship.
  • Children under the age of fourteen and adults over that of 79.
  • Visa-exempt foreigners with eTA.
  • Temporary resident applicants.
  • Cabinet ministers and diplomats of foreign nationals and the UN on an official visit to Canada.
  • Heads of state and government.
  • US visa holders traveling through Canada.

Directions to reduce application delays

This is one area where you and any other applicant will face a lot of problems. From age or document-related complications to health issues, every single aspect is important to the processing and successful gaining of permits and visas. Below are some of the advice offered by the Canadian government for lowering the delay in processing application.

  • The first mistake is mailing the application. Try applying online, or as a safer option, apply it at any VAC.
  • Make sure you pay the application and biometrics fee after the application process.
  • Don’t delay submitting your biometrics. Either do it within a few days of receiving the Biometrics Instruction Letter, or as a safer option, submit it when you’re applying in a VAC.
  • Permanent injuries or any conditions in your arms or face need to be disclosed to the VAC or ASC visa officials. You need to submit fingerprints and photographs along with medical proof of the existing condition.


With biometrics, the Canadian government will be able to process the application easily. For further clarifications on biometric requirements, contact Dev Immigration, as we offer the best solutions and pathways for immigration to Canada.

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