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Honest. Transparent. Trustworthy.

Apart from offering the most professional advice, Dev Immigration Services Inc. will guide you with professional immigration advice, on up-to-date immigration regulations and everyday changing policies that helped countless families and individuals migrate to Canada. We do no less than walk in your shoes, step by step, process to process, until you reach your destination.
The decision to migrate to a different country on either a temporary or permanent basis is not easy and sometime scary. Whether you are moving to work, joining your loved one, applying for permanent residence, establishing a new business, you’ll find all the information you need right here at the fingertips of our Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.
We provide the service that matter most to you and your family when you are immigrating; –

  • High Application Success Rate
  • Expertise in visa processing and resettlement.
  • Personalized, in-depth assessment procedures
  • Ongoing support and assistance from start to finish
  • Peace of mind & value for money

and we protect and help you to realize your Canadian dream; –

  • Complex visa regulations and application procedures
  • Changeable government immigration policies
  • Increasing competition for immigrant places

Our company is founded on the principles of honesty, transparency and trust:

  • We provide you with honest advice about your immigration process to Canada.
  • Our process is completely transparent —you are involved in the entire process and aware of what’s happening with your visa application every step of the way.
  • You can trust us to give you accurate immigration advice, keep your best interest at heart, and be committed to helping you and your family kick-start your futures in Canada.

What we don’t do:

  • We don’t beat around the bush. If we have reason(s) to believe that your visa application does not meet immigration criteria, then we will tell you.
  • We don’t give you false hope.
  • We don’t make promises we can’t keep.
  • We don’t charge you exorbitant service fees. Our fees are affordable and reasonable.
  • We don’t do ‘dodgy’ (i.e. dishonest).

As your team of experienced immigration advisers, we take your future in Canada seriously!
Whatever may be your reason for migrating to Canada, we realize that the process can be very stressful for most people and daunting for many. We at Dev Immigration Services understand the enormity of your decision and will help to build the bridge that makes your journey to Canada stress-free and successful.

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