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Canadian migration is one of the biggest goals of some people’s life. Are you one of them? The immigration process is a complex one involving multiple challenges. Cracking it on your own is not advisable, especially when failure can come at a heavy price. Allow us to help you make this dream become a reality.


We specialize in providing the most efficient and cost-effective Canadian immigration solutions. We are committed to helping you achieve your Canadian migration goals. We know that our deep understanding and expertise can help make your migration application a success.

Life in Canada

Canada is a hot favorite for those looking to migrate. It is a beautiful place to live and offers excellent working opportunities. The quality of life here is also among the best in this part of the world. Canada ranks high in the areas of economic and cultural influence.

We can help you migrate and settle in this land of opportunities. Contact us to take the first step towards a successful migration to Canada.

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Meet Our Founder

Founded by Mr. Vinay Chaudhary, Dev Immigration Services Inc. is a one stop solution for all your Immigration needs. With its headquarters in Vancouver, Dev Immigration helps aspiring Canadians around the world to settle in Canada with in-depth guidance at every stage.


Our founder, an early immigrant to Canada, has experienced the difficulties and challenges of immigration first-hand. He is driven by the enjoyment and satisfaction of helping other individuals and creating positive outcomes in the lives of his clients and their families.

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Get the latest information and news about the developments happening in the Canadian Immigration arena. We have all the information you need to take those first firm steps towards success.


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Reasons to Immigrate to Canada

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